End-to-end fixture management is coming to Rio Tinto.

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As an external supplier to Rio Tinto across elements of the freight transaction process, the integration of SeaFix/ will impact you.

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Welcome to a joined up world

In July 2021, Rio Tinto will go live and begin a 6 month migration phase to a new online fixture management platform called SeaFix/. With SeaFix/ all parties can mitigate risk, improve transparency and bring efficiency through the freight transaction processes.

As an external supplier to Rio Tinto, the roll out of this new platfrom will impact you and the way you work with us. Specifically:

  • The channels you use to communicate with our staff (Sea/chat)
  • The way you respond to, or negotiate and confirm fixtures (Sea/trade)
  • The process of drawing up a recap and Charter Party (Sea/contracts)

This site has been designed to introduce you to the tools you will need to access when working with us. Once you have created an account you will have full access to additional information including training material on how to use these tools. This has been created to ensure you can onboard quickly.

Over the next few weeks the information you will see as a registered user will grow with additional resources to help you learn more about the modules and tools that will be available to you, to help us all achieve a common goal of working in a more joined up way.

So first, you need to create an account:

Discover SeaFix/

What is SeaFix, why is Rio Tinto adopting it, and what does this mean in terms of how you will work?

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What will SeaFix/ mean for you?

The roll out of SeaFix/ will influence how you work with the chartering, shipping, operators and other stakeholders at Rio Tinto. There will be new systems to learn but the rewards will be great. Select the relevant module below to access the support and resources you need to become an expert.

Negotiation and fixture management.

Compliant and collaborative deal capture.

The new way for the shipping industry to communicate.

Simple, reliable and secure messaging.

A smarter way to create and manage contracts.

Fast. Simple. Collaborative.

Quick links

Rio Tinto Support - Key contact

Technology Support (Provided by the SeaFix/ team)

Customer support: Sea/ Support

Help centre documentation: Sea/ Help

Platform announcements

This website has been prepared by Maritech Group for the purposes of onboarding Rio Tinto's external counter parties to the SeaFix/ platform. The site is not indexed on search engines and is only available to those who have access to the direct URL. Data collected within this site will only be shared with Rio Tinto.