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Getting to know SeaFix/

What is the difference between Sea/ and SeaFix/?

Sea/ is a collection of online applications that aid the management of fixtures, digitally. Rio Tinto has taken a selection of these applications which, when used together is known as SeaFix/.

To realise the full potential of SeaFix/ it is necessary for all parties that work together across a freight transaction (for example: Rio Tinto as the Charterer; Brokers; Vessel Owners) to do so across a common platform. The common modules that all parties will use together are Sea/trade, Sea/chat and Sea/contracts.

When these three modules are used together it is known as SeaFix/.

What do the modules do?

  • Sea/trade is an online application that helps to manage the negotiation and fixture process. It is compliant and collaborative.
  • Sea/chat is a secure and compliant instant messaging tool, specific to the shipping industry and allows all parties to connect in one place.
  • Sea/contracts is an online application that allows for the creation and management of charter parties and recaps. It makes productions faster, simpler and more collaborative for all parties.

Do I have to use all the modules?

To realise the full potential of SeaFix/, using all the modules together provides much stronger efficiency and risk mitigation. A common platform will streamline processes for everyone.

Brokers – you can trade on behalf of vessel owners. It is therefore important that you have access to Sea/trade to enable this, and to Sea/contracts to conclude the charter party. Sea/chat can help to facilitate this process as a reliable and secure communications tool in one place.

Vessel owners – you may rely on your broker to manage negotiations on your behalf. Instant message communication is seamlessly linked up with the negotiation through Sea/chat enabling the principal to communicate and send instructions to the broker through chat and for the broker to action through the platform.

I already use tools of this nature, are they now redundant?

You may continue to use other existing tools that you have with other charterers with whom you have a relationship. However, Rio Tinto’s move to SeaFix/ will ensure that they can have all transactions, communications, and contracts in one single place with SeaFix/.

Can I still fix with Rio Tinto without using the system? If so, for how long?

We strongly recommend early adoption of SeaFix/ which all Rio Tinto charterers are trained to use. We are available to provide training and live walk-throughs to assist with any questions you may have. All iron ore fixtures concluded by Rio Tinto will utilise SeaFix/ from the 5th July 2021, and we would appreciate your support to alleviate the workload of all concerned. SeaFix/ offers an efficient, compliant and transparent trading process for all parties.

What are the benefits to signing up to SeaFix/?

For your freight transaction management, the SeaFix/ modules provide:

  • One platform and one login rather than multiple disparate and connected systems.
  • Your data belongs to you, not to individuals or third parties.
  • Compliant, secure, scalable.
  • Achieve efficiencies, maximise productivity and mitigate risk.


Is there a cost for signing up and using the platform?

As a counterparty, there is no cost for you to access any of the four modules.

Sea/trade - No charge to access the platform to respond to Rio Tinto’s order requirements, post bids for and manage your negotiations with Rio Tinto until the end of 2021.

Sea/chat - Free to use. Download the app immediately or access it through your browser to start using.

Sea/contracts - No cost to access the platform. Transaction charge of USD140 per charter party that is created. This is charged to the creator of the charter party only. There is no charge to any third party who will also review / access / edit or approve the charter party.

Getting set up

Do I need to involve legal, procurement, infosec and IT teams before I sign up to anything?

We are happy to answer additional questions or provide any added information required prior to getting started.

Your IT team may have some questions around information security which we cover off in the technical requirements and security sections below.

Who is the right person in my organisation to set me up as a user on SeaFix/?

It will be different for different organisations, depending on your size and structure. We’ve tried to make our sign up process as simple as possible by completing this short form.

The form can either be completed by you as an individual, or you may nominate someone to complete one form and add several different users to it which may be more efficient.

Do I have to register for each module individually?

No. One sign up form will give you access to each of the three modules.

You can get started with Sea/chat more immediately with a much shorter sign-up form.

How many users can we set up from our organisation?

There is no limit to the number of users that can have accounts with SeaFix/. Costs are only incurred across specific actions that take place.

How long does it take to get signed up and using the system?

Not long. Once you or someone in your organisation has completed the sign-up form, our team will validate the details provided and send out success messages to each of the users, asking them to set up secure passwords. We aim to have all accounts set up within 24 hours of the form being received. This will give you access to all three modules. See Training for more information.

Technical requirements

Do I need to install something on my computer?

SeaFix/ is a web-based product. Once your account has been set up, you may log in via and start using straight away from any device with an internet connection.

Which browsers, PC operating systems etc. are compatible with Sea/?

Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

Is there an app available at Apple App Store or Google Play?

Sea/trade and Sea/contracts are accessible through your web browser. We recommend the use of Google Chrome web browser. Sea/chat is available for download both as desktop app and mobile app.

How secure is the information within the modules on SeaFix/?

Maritech is ISO27001 certified - an international standard for data security. This document outlines the data separation and security measures that have been adopted. Please see Security for more information.


How can I access training?

You can request training by booking a slot with one of our team members. If there is several who will be using the modules, then we can arrange a group training slot. All our training is conducted remotely and can be recorded to refer to in the future.

What other resources are available?

Sea/chat is a highly intuitive module and our hope is that you can get started with little to no training.

Sea/contracts has a ‘Get started now’ video guide which walks you through some of the key steps in charter party production and will be covered in detail within a remote training session.

Sea/trade requires a more hands on and interactive session which can be booked using the link above.

Once your account is set up you will also be able to access help documentation, live chat and raise support queries with our support team. It is great to get hands on with the module straight away to cement your learning, we can always arrange a follow up training session once you are a little more familiar with the tool.

How much is the training?


How long does the training take?

We aim to run our trainings in 45 min sessions which will cover Sea/trade and Sea/contracts. Follow up training sessions can be booked if required to help troubleshoot or answer more questions if needed.


What are the support hours?

Sea/ offers an inhouse support team sitting who sit in Singapore, London, and Houston to provide 24-hour support Monday to Friday via phone, email and live chat.

What do I do in the instance that the system fails? enables you to see the uptime of our system. Our support team will also send an email alert should there be a known error on a particular system.

If you find you are unable to perform a certain task, we understand that it is business-critical for you. A phone call, email or note on the live chat tool will ensure we can deal with your query as quickly as possible.

What if I make a mistake in the system?

During your training session, there will be key moments in the process either during bidding and negotiation, or during contract production where you will need to be aware of the actions you take and how contractually binding they are or if fees will be incurred. Any major steps such as this will be highlighted to you within dialogue boxes in the system before you take them.

We can also look at setting various action-based permissions to individuals to assert further control if required.


How can I ensure that my negotiation details are kept confidential?

Our information security management system is based upon the requirements of the international standard ISO 27001. Using this framework and the deployment of applicable security controls and technologies, we assess, manage, and continuously review information security related risks. We shall ensure compliance with any applicable legal and regulatory information security requirements.

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