Welcome to the latest release of Sea/response.

Through the collaboration of Oil Spill Response, the contribution of their member base and the technology expertise of Sea/, the third major update of the industry's premier emergency planning tool is now available for the industry.

Sea/response brings to market a digital solution more advanced and accurate than ever before, to provide you with a faster, more reliable solution in the case of an emergency.

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“We are delighted to be involved in this valuable platform, helping to maximise the application’s effectiveness for the entire industry.”
Andrew Worrall Senior Technical Specialist, BP Capping and Containment

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How will these changes benefit you?

Coordinate multiple missions

By working closely with Oil Spill Response and their members we understood further the complexity of managing multiple emergency response missions. The latest version of Sea/response allows you to create multi-layered, custom missions and oversee them in one place.

Monitor supply

Save specific vessels within 'My Fleet' and set up smart notifications on movements within certain regions to stay one step ahead. Reduce your manual monitoring with automatic updates that matter to you.

Anticipate weather changes

A key feature in the latest Sea/response release is the overlay of weather patterns to the vessel route map. This overlay will allow you to improve ETAs or inform alternative solutions if there are storms along a voyage route.

"The latest iteration of Sea/response has become an even more valuable tool for the industry, significantly reducing response times in the moments when every second counts."

Chris Lund, Subsea Project Engineering Manager

"We are committed to developing solutions that accurately and intuitively reflect the needs of the industry, and answer otherwise challenging questions."

Paul Love, Sea/response Spokesperson

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