End-to-end fixture management is coming to Rio Tinto

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Welcome to a joined up world

In July 2021, Rio Tinto will start to use a new online fixture management platform called SeaFix/.

With SeaFix/ the business will mitigate risk, improve transparency across our processes and bring efficiency through our freight transaction processes.

This hub has been designed specifically to meet your needs in terms of understanding SeaFix/, what it means for your day-to-day working and provide a central solution for onboarding.

Over the next few weeks, you will see this site grow with additional resources to help you learn more about the modules and tools that will be available to you, to help you succeed.

Discover SeaFix/

What is SeaFix/, why is Rio Tinto adopting it, and what does this mean in terms of how we work?

Smarter shipping in 60 seconds

SeaFix/ timeline

SeaFix/ will start to be used at Rio Tinto from 5 July 2021. Other activations to be aware of include:

2 June 2021

SeaFix/ training begins internally.

7 June 2021

Communication with clients that SeaFix/ is being used at Rio Tinto.

14 June 2021

SeaFix/ training begins for all clients.

5 July 2021

The official start of SeaFix/!

What will SeaFix/ mean for you?

Select the role that best suits you below and find out more about what SeaFix/ will mean to you and the modules that you'll be using in your day-to-day.

Marine Chartering

Responsible for the chartering process at Rio Tinto.

Marine Operations

Responsible for voyage operations including technical performance and strategy.

Other Stakeholders

All teams that have any interface with Shipping area.

Quick links

Internal Support - Key contacts

Technology Support (Provided by the SeaFix/ team)

Customer support: Sea/ Support

Help centre documentation: Sea/ Help

Platform announcements

This website has been prepared by Maritech Group for the purposes of onboarding Rio Tinto to the SeaFix/ platform. The site is not indexed on search engines and is only available to those who have access to the direct URL. Data collected within this site will only be shared with Rio Tinto. Please do not share this site with external parties.