Dynamic document management for charter party efficiency.

Speed. Simplicity. Seamless integration.

At a glance...

  • Keep focused - a range of features to help you manage document updates and control approval
  • Save time - work more efficiently with digitised processes from start to finish
  • Save costs - avoid costly couriers with electronic signatures. Time savings creates cost efficiencies
  • Stay compliant - risky clauses are flagged whilst control tools ensure risk is mitigated

Start using Sea/contracts

Sea/contracts is a web based tool, meaning you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection.


Online training will be provided for all teams (chartering teams, shipping teams, and paralell teams).

Each team will be access and utilise Sea/contracts for different purposes so we have designed specific training sessions to suit your objectives.

Look out for the recorded training sessions.

Get to know Sea/contracts

Watch this 30 minute overview of Sea/contracts to understand how you can create and manage contracts faster.

Get started quick guide

Want to have a quick head start before training? The video below gives a quick overview of the functionality so you can hit the ground running.

Quick links

Internal Support - Key contacts

Business Team: Raphael Neto

Technology Team: Lorena Deslandes

Technology Support (Provided by the SeaFix/ team)

Customer support: Sea/ Support

Help centre documentation: Sea/ Help

Platform announcements

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