Multi-factor Authentication

The cyber threats we all face continues to increase, with attacks becoming far more sophisticated, and as a result, more successful. These attacks often target specific individuals, using the correct business terminology and supporting information to add credibility. Hackers are really starting to do their research!

These threats frequently take the form of a’ Phishing attack’ (a method of social engineering), most commonly via a malicious email, which is used to obtain your username and password credentials. Statistics show that Phishing is still the number one cause of data breaches and it is clear that basic username and passwords do not offer effective proception alone to combat this threat.

There are however simple to use technical solutions which can be put in place to massively reduce the risk of account compromise and data breaches. Authentication is far more secure where it combines the use of more than one type of technology (multi factor), requiring not only password and username credentials but also a One-Time Passcode (OTP) generated by a token or mobile app. This ensures that if your credentials are stolen they cannot be used to access systems without access to your physical token or smartphone also.

Maritech takes security extremely seriously and as such offers multi-factor authentication capability to protect your access to the Sea/ suite of applications and your data. As one of our most important clients, we would like to work with you to deploy this important security control for all your Sea/ access as default, and would welcome further discussions on this matter.

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